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Total Assurance Real Estate Inspections (The Inspector) agrees to conduct an inspection for the purpose of informing the client of major deficiencies in the condition of the subject property.  THE WRITTEN REPORT IS THE PROPERTY OF THE INSPECTOR AND (THE CLIENT) AND SHALL NOT BE USED BY OR TRANSFERRED TO ANY OTHER PERSON OR COMPANY WITHOUT BOTH THE INSPECTOR'S AND THE CLIENT'S WRITTEN CONSENT.

1)  This inspection of the subject property shall be performed by the Inspector for the client in accordance with the "Standards of Practice for the Arizona Home Inspectors" (available at www.btr.state.az.us).

2)  The purpose of this inspection is to identify and disclose visually observable major deficiencies of the inspected systems and items at the time of the inspection only.  The inspection will include the evaluation of visible components in numerous major categories such as site elements, structural components, roof, heating and cooling systems, plumbing and electrical systems, interior components, etc., to provide the Client with a better understanding of the property condition.

Whether or not they are concealed, the following are OUTSIDE THE SCOPE OF THIS INSPECTION:  /Specific components noted as being excluded on the individual inspection forms, private water or private sewage systems, saunas, steam baths or fixtures and equipment, radio-controlled devices, automatic gates, elevators, lifts, dumb waiters and thermostatic or time clock controls, water softener/purifier systems or solar heating, furnace heat exchangers, freestanding appliances, security alarms or personal property, built-in or stand alone coffee makers(s), ice makers(s), microwaves(s), refrigerator(s), wine cooler(s), washer(s) and dryer(s), adequacy or efficiency of any system or component, prediction of life expectancy of any items, building code or zoning ordinance violations, building permit filing status, geological stability or engineering analysis, termites, pests or other wood destroying organisms, asbestos/radon/formaldehyde/lead water or air quality, electromagnetic radiation or any other environmental hazards, building value appraisal or cost estimates, condition of garage storage cabinets, detached buildings or structures, pool or spa bodies and underground piping.  Some of the above items may be included in this inspection for additional fees - check with your Inspector.

3)  Your Inspector is a home inspection generalist and is not acting as a licensed engineer or expert in any craft or trade. If your Inspector recommends consulting other specialized experts, Client must do so at Client's expense.

4)Home inspection is based upon the "As Is" condition of the premises at the time of inspection.  It is NOT the responsibility of the Home Inspector to ensure that utilities are turned on, light pilots, turn on electrical breakers, gas valves, etc. at the appointed time of the inspection, if any utilities are not on, the home inspection will proceed on the property "As Is" condition.  ANY RETURN VISITS AFTER UTILITIES ARE TURNED ON 9IF OFFERED) WILL BE AT AN ADDITIONAL COST EQUAL TO THAT OF THE INSPECTION.

5)  USE BY OTHERS:  Client promises Inspector that Client has requested this inspection for Client's own use only and will to disclose any part of the inspection report to any other person with these exceptions:  only one copy may be provided to the current seller(s) of the property for their use as part of this transaction only, and one copy may be provided to the real estate agent representing Client/and or a bank or other lender for use in Client's transaction only.

6)  In the event that the client(s) are not present and the Client(s) Real estate Agent or Representative signs on behalf of the Client, it shall have the same effect as complete inspection authorization.

7)This inspection is not intended to be technically exhaustive nor is it considered to be a GUARANTEE OR WARRANTY, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, REGARDING THE CONDITIONS OF THE PROPERTY, ITEMS AND SYSTEMS INSPECTED AND IT SHOULD NOT BE RELIED ON AS SUCH.  The Inspector shall not be held responsible or liable for any repairs or replacements with regard to this property, systems, components, or the contents therein.  Company is neither a guarantor or insurer.

8)  The Inspection and report do not address and are not intended to address Insurability, code and regulation compliance, the possible presence of or danger from asbestos, radon gas, lead paint, urea formaldehyde, soil contamination, mold and other indoor and outdoor substances.  The Client is urged to contact a competent specialist if information, identification, or testing of the above is desired.

9)  Any controversy or claim between the parties hereto, arising directly or indirectly out of, connected with, or relating to the interpretation of this Agreement, the scope of the services rendered by Inspector, the Inspection Report provided to the Client by Inspector, or as to any other matter involving any act or omission performed un this Agreement, or promises, representations or negotiations concerning duties of the Inspector hereunder, shall be submitted to Small Claims Court in the county in which the inspection takes place.  If the alleged damages exceed the jurisdictional limit for Small Claims Court, the dispute shall then be submitted to bidding arbitration before Construction Dispute Resolution Services or Resolute Systems.

10)  The inspection service is conducted at the property.  The physical on-site inspection of the property is a very valuable time of exchange for information between the Inspector and the Client.  Any particular concern of the Client must be brought to the attention of the Inspector before the inspection begins.  The written report will not substitute for Client's personal presence during the inspection.  It is virtually impossible to fully profile any building with any reporting system.  Unless Client attends and participates in the inspection process itself, the Client will have no chance of gaining all of the information that is offered.

11)  Severability:  The Client and the Inspector agree that should a court of competent jurisdiction determine that any portion of this agreement is unenforceable, the remaining provisions and portions of this agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

12)  Notification:  The Client must commence any legal action for damages arising out of or related to this Agreement or the Inspection Report within one year of delivery of the Home Inspection Report to the client or the named representative.

13)  Agreement Available:  I acknowledge that I and/or my attorney have had ample time and opportunity to review this agreement prior to signing.

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