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Client agrees that the maximum liability for the Company, by its employee, subcontractors or agents for any claim whatsoever, inclusive of matters arising from the inspection or outside the inspection is limited to a refund of the fee charged and paid for the inspection service.  No legal action or proceeding of any kind, including those sounding in tort or contract, can be commenced against the Inspector/Inspection Company, or its officers,agents or employees more than one year from the date of the subject inspection.  Time is expressly of the essence herein.  The written report to be prepared by the Inspector shall be considered the final and exclusive findings of the Inspector regarding the inspection of the property.  Client shall not rely on oral statements made by the Inspector prior to issuance of the written report.  This liability limitation is binding upon Client(s) and Client's spouse, heirs, principals, assigns and any other who may make claim through the client. 

Client agrees to pay a fee in accordance with the fee schedule plus any additional fees not included in the base fee and any applicable taxes at or before the time of inspection.  Cancellation of appointments giving less that 24 hours notice to Total Assurance Real Estate Inspections will result in $100 cancellation fee in lieu of regular Home Inspection fee.  Time is of the essence.  Failure of appointment success due to No-Show or incorrect access code to the lockbox on the part of the seller or buyer's agent will result in the full contract fee being due at the end of the scheduled appointment time.  Time is of the essence.

All fees are immediately due and payable upon completion of the physical inspection of the property.  Charge for a returned check is $25.00.  Payment forms accepted are Credit Card, Cash, Check.

The undersigned have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions of this agreement and agree to pay the charges specified below:

By acknowledging this Agreement, you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions of this Agreement and agree to pay the fees as stated on the order confirmation.

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